Thursday, February 25, 2010


Story with a back.  Well, most of you have probably been confused a little bit, so this post is a clarification piece.  I hope it makes more sense than most.  It'll be set up as a question and answer format whatever.
 Who the hell are you? 
I am Felix Barbarus, and I am an assassin, with a Talent.

What the hell does that mean?
It means that I somehow mutated the exact right way to give me some control over the metaphysical and physical world.  Those with Talents appear throughout the ages, some never even know they have a Talent.  Some talents are really lame, I've seen some with the Talent to eat tamales really fast.  But some, like the ones we in the Order of the Shadowed Glass have, have really awesome cool powerful Talents.  A few famous people that had Talents: George Washington, he had the Talent of control over people's feelings, like Jasper in Twilight; Nikolai Tesla, he could commune with the dead, and see the future, poor guy couldn't handle it and went insane; J. R. R. Tolkien, he could see another dimension, so somewhere out there, The Lord of the Rings trilogy actually happened.

Wow, that's cool, what about the Order of the Shadowed glass?
I started that when I was 10, along with another, Helen, who is now dead.
Anyway, so we found some random people and we started this awesome assassination group.  We got rich very quick, you'd never have thought how many people want others dead and are willing to pay.  We've lost a lot of people now, either with them leaving, or them dying, we only have three of the original group left.  Me, Ella, and Gabriel.  We are currently killing people as per a list that Helen left behind when she died in the accident.

Yes, list.

Oh, well, um... People die?  And how old are you all?  
Yes, people die, most people do.  I am 16, most others are around my age.  Could we not talk about people dying, as a leader, you can't bare to see your "subjects" die.  And as a friend, it's harder.

All right, well, how do you get a Talent?
You don't get one, you are born with it.  Ok!?  I'm a little annoyed, can we be done with this stupid interview thing?

You know you're only talking to yourself.
Yeah, that's whats bothering me, bye!

Ok, see you.
Yeah, next time I look in the mirror.

Yeah, so,  it ended odd, but i hope it answers at least a few of your questions.  Bye.