Monday, May 10, 2010

quick update before the big story

February 25th was my last blog post, I'm sorry.  But right now, and for the last few months, we have been on the trail of someone with a Talent.  We've also been in two massacres, and we've annihilated the MI6 building in London.  Sounds busy doesn't it.  Well, it was.  Right now I'm typing this on a stolen Asus laptop somewhere at the edge of the Beaufort sea (above Alaska).  I'm in an oil tanker heading for a rig off the coast of Russia.  It's a long story, but at least I have Raj and Ralpheo for company.  Ella has gone ahead with Ferdinand and Nina, Jerome has already scouted our area.  and the others are on standby for immediate backup, this is our biggest killing yet.  And in the middle of it we may find another kid with a Talent.  I've got to go, someones trying to move my cargo box, if they open it, they're dead.  :-)
Boom Boom Pow
Felix Barbarus....


  1. sounds like fun!!! And tell Ralpheo I said hi!!!

  2. you need to update this blog more often ;)