Friday, February 12, 2010

First Post

Wow, this is my first time blogging. Which is odd, because I'm usually technically proficient. But other than that, this blog is about me. Me and everyone else in the Order. We are very Talented, and if you pay us enough, we shall do whatever the bleep you want. In fact, we are trained assassins, thank God the British Government can't see this blog. (thanks Gabriel)
Well then, let's get started. This blog will be about all our adventures, and is a non-artsy-farsty version of the story I am now writing. That story chronicles all our escapades and daring-do in a more book like style. That is not be released yet. But at least we have the blog!
So have fun reading what I put up there, I'll update this whenever I'm not killing someone.


  1. my, my, felix, that is quite a thing you got going there. I especially like that ralpheo kid.
    Cinderweaver, hmm.