Thursday, February 25, 2010


Story with a back.  Well, most of you have probably been confused a little bit, so this post is a clarification piece.  I hope it makes more sense than most.  It'll be set up as a question and answer format whatever.
 Who the hell are you? 
I am Felix Barbarus, and I am an assassin, with a Talent.

What the hell does that mean?
It means that I somehow mutated the exact right way to give me some control over the metaphysical and physical world.  Those with Talents appear throughout the ages, some never even know they have a Talent.  Some talents are really lame, I've seen some with the Talent to eat tamales really fast.  But some, like the ones we in the Order of the Shadowed Glass have, have really awesome cool powerful Talents.  A few famous people that had Talents: George Washington, he had the Talent of control over people's feelings, like Jasper in Twilight; Nikolai Tesla, he could commune with the dead, and see the future, poor guy couldn't handle it and went insane; J. R. R. Tolkien, he could see another dimension, so somewhere out there, The Lord of the Rings trilogy actually happened.

Wow, that's cool, what about the Order of the Shadowed glass?
I started that when I was 10, along with another, Helen, who is now dead.
Anyway, so we found some random people and we started this awesome assassination group.  We got rich very quick, you'd never have thought how many people want others dead and are willing to pay.  We've lost a lot of people now, either with them leaving, or them dying, we only have three of the original group left.  Me, Ella, and Gabriel.  We are currently killing people as per a list that Helen left behind when she died in the accident.

Yes, list.

Oh, well, um... People die?  And how old are you all?  
Yes, people die, most people do.  I am 16, most others are around my age.  Could we not talk about people dying, as a leader, you can't bare to see your "subjects" die.  And as a friend, it's harder.

All right, well, how do you get a Talent?
You don't get one, you are born with it.  Ok!?  I'm a little annoyed, can we be done with this stupid interview thing?

You know you're only talking to yourself.
Yeah, that's whats bothering me, bye!

Ok, see you.
Yeah, next time I look in the mirror.

Yeah, so,  it ended odd, but i hope it answers at least a few of your questions.  Bye.           

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I said that there would be daring-do!

Ok, well. Yes there is, and here it is. You know how I didn't update my blog yesterday, and the day before. Well, that wasn't because there was nothing interesting going on. It was because there was an amazing amount of interesting things going on.

I killed someone, or a rather lot of someones. Very viciously, but it isn't something you'll hear on the news. It was some gang thing. Not important to anyone, and if it was, the Russian government would hush it up. For those of you who are wondering, what about my Talent? Remember, I can make anything happen, because I can't lie. So I could have just killed the druggies by saying that they were dead, if that makes sense. But I prefer to make things happen without my Talent. Well, I still use it, just in different ways. Here's the story.......................................................

The plane dropped me in the middle of nowhere, Siberia to be exact. I Changed into my powerful form. (Well, here is the story on that, real quick. I can't say things about myself, example: I can't say that I have wings, it wouldn't work. So when Helen and I first started the Order, she wrote on me everything I had ever wanted myself to become. Wings and force bending powers included, I even looked a bit different. So, even after the accident, I can still say one word, and become my powerful form. I don't do it much anymore, Ella doesn't like it. Anyway, back to the story.) So I changed into my powerful form. The cold air brushed against my gray wings, I plummeted gloriously towards the ground until, at the last second, I flared my wings and landed in front of a small cinder-block building. This building was notorious for making most of the drugs in Russia, and I was about to blow their operation to bits. I raised my hand, and a hole was blasted in the bare wall. I walked in to the building, the primitive alarm system raging around my head. I walked along a hallway for a second, then heard footsteps. I flourished my hands in front of me, and in them appeared twin swords. Katanas made of pure energy, very wicked. A few guy with machine guns skidded around a corner, as soon as they saw me, they burst out into rapid fire. I let them think they were killing me, making it look like blood and gore were poring out of my slim body. I fell to the floor, they laughed. As they walked towards me, I readied myself for the inevitable burst of energy that would come when they were close enough. One of them kicked me, to make sure I was really dead. I smiled, metaphysical energy burst into physical existence around me. Zero point six, five, eight seconds later three thugs lay lacerated at me feet. I laughed, and walked on. Twenty-two guards later and there were only two people left, and both were scientists that were now running to a helicopter on the pad on the roof. I hopped onto the pad after them just as the helicopter leaped off. The helicopter flew into the air, and so did I. I saw the gang chemists faces as I flew after them. Priceless. I threw both of my swords. One pierced the helicopter's engine compartment, and the other cut through through both targets heads. The helicopter spun to the ground in a plume of smoke and flame.

My job was done, and to cover the evidence of my attack was the last thing I needed to do before I was picked up. I whispered under my breath, "No trace."
Behind me, the gray building dissipated in a mushroom cloud of fire. There nothing left but a crater. I whispered another word and I was back into my real form. I realized the cold snow around me, and waited for Ferdinand to show up in the plane.

There we go, is that not a great story? Amazing huh, I love showing off my powers sometimes. Especially if that means I'm assassinating drug dealers. I like doing that, because I hate drugs. And because killing is sometimes fun.
Well, bye now. This was only my first tale of murder in the light of greater good (and money). So, wait for more, and I'll give you a lot, even from other peoples points of view. See you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changed it back. I guess I am a little goth. I like the black better. Still wicked.
New look!! I like it. I think it's cool.
We should think of a new word for cool. It's getting old. We could bring wicked back. That was cool, I mean, wicked.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day flop

Yeah, suckish valentines day. Ella was away on business, she had to rig this luge guy from some place at the winter Olympics.
So I sat at our HQ in (Top Secret), and watched James Bond movies. Ironic as it seems, James Bond is a really cool guy to model yourself after. However, I talk way to much to be a Bond.
I own a few Aston-Martin cars, they are awesome. If you didn't know, which you didn't, I'm very much into cars. I own 15, and drive every one, sometimes. Here's a partial list: Aston-Martin DB4GT Zagato, Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari 458 Italia (new!), Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (all respectible rich people must own one), Bently Continental Supersports, Porsche (three different ones), Aston-Martin DB7 Volante, you get the picture. All really cool, awesome cars. And where I am currently (still top secret) has one of the best driving roads in Europe. So after the car crash scene in the new Casino Royale, I went and drove maniacally fast in my DB7 down a hill full of switchbacks. It was really fun, although my fate was nearly the same as Bond's at one point.

So all in all, a relatively saddening valentines day. Fun in some ways, but it's not every day you have an excuse to stare at your girlfriend. In my case, the girlfriend in question, is worth staring at. In the other hand, so is the Aston-Martin. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ha ha ha!!!!

I just remembered, tomorrow is valentines day!!! If you're wondering, of course world class mercenary killers have valentines day, it let's out steam. Obviously I'm a very dramatic and romantic person, so I was thinking about the types of flowers I'd be giving. I like white ones, and lavender ones. But I think I'm going to give Ella on black one, one white one, and one red one. Goth, definately, Dramatic? Duh!

Wait, you didn't know? Yeah me and Ella have a thing going. It's been going for 2 years now. Ever since the accident.

Um, ok then.
Happy Valentines day everyone! And good luck with all your endevours into love!
(By the way, did I not say! Felix means luck, so I'm naturally lucky. That is why in Harry Potter the luck potion was Felix Felicies or whatever it was. So if you ever need luck, you could say my name! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Of course I need to introduce everyone

Well duh.
Me, I'm the president of the Order, My talent has the code-name Truthsayer

Ella Stormner, She's the man! Well, she helps me and does all the stuffy office work, she's in control of the weather anywhere in the world. Talent code-name... Tempestier

Nina Covina, she is the assassination expert. Her Talent is relentless, she cannot die when she is meant to kill someone, and wherever they are, she will find the target and kill it. Seeker.

Adele Ojai, healer of the group, she mostly stays back, but can kick anyone's whoop-i-hoo if she wants too. Obviously her Talent is healing. Obviously the code name is Healer, duh.

Raj, our most creepy killer I believe. A great artist too, in fact, anything he draws comes to life, he draws with blood most of the time. Colorist.

Ralpheo Burns, yes her burns, and burns a lot. He is total pyro, and bomb expert. Although he doesn't need bombs, he just makes his own explosions out of thin air. Cinderweaver.

Jerome Harrison, the spy dude. You won't ever know when he's watching you, he bends reality to make him seem as if he isn't there. Spiderling.

Joel Ponton, a real green thumb. He controls all the plant life everywhere. You should see the things he creates from dried parsley. Druid.

Clarence Peterson, interrogation department. He totally kicks you know what with his Talent, he can torture anything. Like he can torture atoms to split and stuff. Mortuist.

Gabriel Robins, the tekkie. He can do anything with a computer, and that is not at all related to his Talent. He's also a top notch scientist in any field, but his Talent is control over peoples thoughts. Mindbender.

Ferdinand Bastille, behind enemy lines type of guy. He can change into anything when he's angry. Chaotisist

Ok, that's everyone. not in any detail of course, but still. By the way, nobodies powers work on me. That is part of the reason I'm the Pres.
See you later!!! Or rather, I won't.

First Post

Wow, this is my first time blogging. Which is odd, because I'm usually technically proficient. But other than that, this blog is about me. Me and everyone else in the Order. We are very Talented, and if you pay us enough, we shall do whatever the bleep you want. In fact, we are trained assassins, thank God the British Government can't see this blog. (thanks Gabriel)
Well then, let's get started. This blog will be about all our adventures, and is a non-artsy-farsty version of the story I am now writing. That story chronicles all our escapades and daring-do in a more book like style. That is not be released yet. But at least we have the blog!
So have fun reading what I put up there, I'll update this whenever I'm not killing someone.