Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day flop

Yeah, suckish valentines day. Ella was away on business, she had to rig this luge guy from some place at the winter Olympics.
So I sat at our HQ in (Top Secret), and watched James Bond movies. Ironic as it seems, James Bond is a really cool guy to model yourself after. However, I talk way to much to be a Bond.
I own a few Aston-Martin cars, they are awesome. If you didn't know, which you didn't, I'm very much into cars. I own 15, and drive every one, sometimes. Here's a partial list: Aston-Martin DB4GT Zagato, Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari 458 Italia (new!), Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (all respectible rich people must own one), Bently Continental Supersports, Porsche (three different ones), Aston-Martin DB7 Volante, you get the picture. All really cool, awesome cars. And where I am currently (still top secret) has one of the best driving roads in Europe. So after the car crash scene in the new Casino Royale, I went and drove maniacally fast in my DB7 down a hill full of switchbacks. It was really fun, although my fate was nearly the same as Bond's at one point.

So all in all, a relatively saddening valentines day. Fun in some ways, but it's not every day you have an excuse to stare at your girlfriend. In my case, the girlfriend in question, is worth staring at. In the other hand, so is the Aston-Martin. :)


  1. omg, i was looking at this site where it shows all of the parts of a cell. and there`s these little things called "centrosomes" and they look just like macaroni!!!!!!! and now i`m really really hungry!!! oh wait, was i supposed to post a comment about valentines day? let`s see.....felix, you are extremely perverted. just thought i`d throw that out there. oh, and, what was the deal with the luge guy??? why did ella kill him? ok, i must go fix myself some macaroni now. bye!
    -Nina Covina

  2. Sadly......i no what she's talking about...

  3. nina, you know why she killed the luge guy. you are in the Order. and HELEN!!! OMG YOU ARE ALIVE!!!???