Friday, February 12, 2010

Of course I need to introduce everyone

Well duh.
Me, I'm the president of the Order, My talent has the code-name Truthsayer

Ella Stormner, She's the man! Well, she helps me and does all the stuffy office work, she's in control of the weather anywhere in the world. Talent code-name... Tempestier

Nina Covina, she is the assassination expert. Her Talent is relentless, she cannot die when she is meant to kill someone, and wherever they are, she will find the target and kill it. Seeker.

Adele Ojai, healer of the group, she mostly stays back, but can kick anyone's whoop-i-hoo if she wants too. Obviously her Talent is healing. Obviously the code name is Healer, duh.

Raj, our most creepy killer I believe. A great artist too, in fact, anything he draws comes to life, he draws with blood most of the time. Colorist.

Ralpheo Burns, yes her burns, and burns a lot. He is total pyro, and bomb expert. Although he doesn't need bombs, he just makes his own explosions out of thin air. Cinderweaver.

Jerome Harrison, the spy dude. You won't ever know when he's watching you, he bends reality to make him seem as if he isn't there. Spiderling.

Joel Ponton, a real green thumb. He controls all the plant life everywhere. You should see the things he creates from dried parsley. Druid.

Clarence Peterson, interrogation department. He totally kicks you know what with his Talent, he can torture anything. Like he can torture atoms to split and stuff. Mortuist.

Gabriel Robins, the tekkie. He can do anything with a computer, and that is not at all related to his Talent. He's also a top notch scientist in any field, but his Talent is control over peoples thoughts. Mindbender.

Ferdinand Bastille, behind enemy lines type of guy. He can change into anything when he's angry. Chaotisist

Ok, that's everyone. not in any detail of course, but still. By the way, nobodies powers work on me. That is part of the reason I'm the Pres.
See you later!!! Or rather, I won't.

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  1. nobodie`s powers work on you?? and that`s why you`re pres??? oh god. someone knock me out, quick. >:P
    -Nina Covina